Today, cross sales and upsales often make up THE ENTIRE PROFIT of a paysite.

"How do you grow it?" 

Why is it so hard to do good deals? 


you have to...

  1. Meet the right person

  2. Agree on the right terms

  3. Do the technical set up correctly

  4. Keep the deal going (sometimes they just stop)

...but that's just getting started.

  1. You have to wait too long to know if the deal is profitable

  2. You may have to re-negotiate the terms of the deal

  3. You could be missing out on better, more profitable deals

It's hard to do lots of good deals. That's why we don't do very many as an industry. They are just too much work, too much overhead. 

We’re exploring ways to make cross-sales and upsells easier to do inside the new Vendo Market (Beta)  




Historically, it could take months to set up a deal. Now it takes 2 minutes. 

The Market takes 2 minutes to set up. Here is the entire form. It's that easy.

Deals would end suddenly, negatively effecting cash flow. We automatically fill in deals to smooth out cash flow. 

You're never without a deal in the Market (Beta). Our algorithms manage deals to prevent shocks from a deal suddenly dying. The Market (Beta) automatically finds new products from new partners to keep your cash flow consistent. 

You could only do a few deals. How about doing many? 

Our goal is 1,000 good deals, done. The Market (Beta) will automatically cycle through thousands of products and offers from the leading companies in the industry for each spot (ex. Cross sale, Confirmation page cross sale, etc.). If the deal is a win-win-win it will stay, if not, it will go. Easy, simple, automatic. 

In the past, you needed skilled team members to constantly watch deals using spreadsheets. 

Why? You could lose a lot of That limited the number of deals you could make sure were profitable. We think you should be able to do thousands of profitable deals.

The Market (Beta) will monitor your deals and constantly adjust bids to make sure you make the most money. Each day conversion, upgrade and rebill data will be automatically re-calculated and bids re-adjusted. The goal is that the customer spends the most money and deals are profitable for both sides.  

You could only do deals with people you trusted to pay you. 

We’ve made it easy to know that you will get paid for every deal you make. The Market (Beta) pays you.

Meet the two new lines on your weekly payout...

Deals weren't win-win-win. They can be. 

  • Shopper wins
    • He spends the most money because he gets the products he wants. That's a win because the overall "pie" is bigger.
  • You win
    • The Market (Beta) automatically makes the best combination of offers to every one of your customers, allowing you to make the most profitable offer. Another win.
  • The other guy wins
    • He makes more money with your product than with any other product, too. The Trifecta.

Why should anyone lose? It doesn't make dollars and it doesn't make sense. 

Everybody has to win for a deal to make sense.

The Vendo Market (Beta) is invite only. Request an invite. 

We use this information to determine your fit for the (Beta). All information is re-confirmed when you enter the (Beta). 

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